The best movie ever.... Cult movies
What is the best movie ever? I guess it all depends on what you like in your movies. Personally I like nearly everything and it's not so hard to be a good movie to me. I'll try to write down the best movies of several genre's that I like. First genre is Cult movies. What makes a great Cult movie? It has to be so bad that you start to like it and want to see it over and over again.
We did a marathon session of four great black and white cult movies. My favorite title has to be 'The brain that wouldn't die', but story wise the best cult movie ever has to be 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'.

In Plan 9 from Outer Space, aliens are afraid that earth will develop a Solanarite bomb and start up plan 9 to stop this. Plan 9 is to resurrect the dead and create an army of the undead.

Plan 9 from Outer Space gets a 5/5
Most recent movie we went to, Transformers, was a very entertaining movie. Good humour and nice special effects made up for a story with a lot of holes in it. It's still a recommendation if you want to be entertained without thinking to much.

This movies scores 4/5

El Mariachi Marathon
This weekend we had ourselves a 'El Mariachi' marathon. We started early sunday morning with the original 'El Mariachi', followed by 'Desperado' and 'Once upon a time in Mexico'.
Here's a review of those movies, which I think you should see at one point in your live... ;-)

El Mariachi
This is Robert Rodriguez' first full feature film, shot in 1992 with obviously a low budget. Although the film material is terrible, especially compared to 'Desperado' which was shot only 3 years after, the story is the best of the three movies. An innocent 'Mariachi', travelling musician, gets confused for a gangster who's trying to get money from a drugs dealer. In the end, the drugs dealer kills El Mariachi's girlfriend and shoots him in the hand, finishing his carreer as a musician.
The tagline says it all: He didn't come looking for trouble, but trouble came looking for him

This movie scores 4/5

The first one I ever saw. This movie had a bigger budget, which you can see in the better effects and the bigger actors. El Mariachi is played by Antonio Banderas and the cast also includes Salma Hayek (the mexican babe we also saw in From Dusk till Dawn), Cheech Marin (also seen in From Dusk till Dawn), Joaquim de Almeida (bad guy in the third season of 24), Steve Buscemi (to many movies to mention here), Quentin Tarantino (tells the best joke ever in this movie), Danny Trejo (and another one in From Dusk till Dawn) and... Carlos Gallardo (the original El Mariachi) shows up as one of El Mariachi's buddy's.
The story, El Mariachi killed the drugs dealer in the first movie, now he's looking for the drugs dealer's boss. When he's about to lay his revenge on 'Bucho', he finds out that Bucho is none other than his own brother. In the end he kills his brother anyway and escapes the scene with lovely bookstore owner Salma Hayek. Although the story is more of the same, i.e. revenge, the effects are amazing and the setting is very good.

This movie scores 4/5

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
And then, the finale of this marathon is Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Next to Antonio and Salma, this time a large part is played by Johnny Depp. The story is hard to explain, because at some time you will ask yourself, who was playing who again?
Basically it's about the CIA (Johnny Depp) is assisting a revolution in Mexico and at the same time trying to prevent the revolutionist (a mexican general sponsored by a mexican drugslord) from coming to power by killing him. Although Salma Hayek is on the credits, she only appears in flashbacks that El Mariachi has about what happened in between the now and 'Desperado'.
The effects are very good, the one-liners are great, but the story is a bit confusing and more of the same, revenge.

This movie scores 3/5